Hey! I’m Jayden, owner of ~Trippy Vintage~


I’m excited to be here and express my love for vintage fashion.


Now let’s get one thing straight off the bat!


All of the clothes I sell are secondhand and true to its age. I do not sell any reprints or fakes. Every garment is not in perfect condition, and I try my best to ensure every piece is in its best possible condition before selling. I will note defects on each listing.


Now that’s out of the way, I want to share my story🌎


I don’t want to make a sob story, but my entire life I’ve felt like I wasn’t good enough. Sports were my entire outlet as a kid, especially basketball. I never made the school team, ever.

After trying multiple sports, nothing clicked. I finally reached a stage right out of high school and had to come to a reality. What was I going to do?


It was tough to realize college wasn’t for me. I started to work multiple jobs, trying to find the fun out of it… but life felt dull.


I needed to find a purpose!


-insert vintage clothing-


It all started in November 2017, during my only semester of college I attended. That’s when I was introduced to a secondhand clothing store called the Vintage Banana!


I fell in love and instantly had a passion for it. I would spend half of my paychecks going to that store (shoutout Max & Josh!)


I eventually turned my entire wardrobe into vintage. I sold all of the stuff I used to wear on Snapchat and it became a hit.


I thought to myself… what if I started selling vintage on Snapchat? I think these clothes are dope so what would others think?


Sure enough…


I also began vending flea markets in 2018 to expand my passion.


I then found myself with a potential for a full time job to source clothes and SHARE my passion with the people around me.


It’s October of 2022 as I write this and I haven’t looked back.


Seeking for an aesthetic, it wasn’t until 2020 when I came up with the name ‘Trippy Vintage.’


It was originally… Blue Suede Vintage😝


After years of sourcing clothes and finding a purpose, I realized the truth.


95% of my business within the years have been local transactions because I love sharing it with the people around me.


But it’s time to share my creativity with the world.


I introduce to you, Trippy Vintage!


A place where everyone is invited to freely express themselves.


A place with no judgement.


A safe place to remind you of how awesome you are :)


Trippy Vintage is simply a place that encourages you to be yourself.


To be… Trippy!